The Fundraising Committee

Committee Chairs:

  • Allyson Taylor
  • Valentina Babuchyan
  • Chloe Meyer

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for generating enough revenue each year for UCLA ASDA to be self-sufficient! The main tasks of the committee are to coordinate the Vendor Fair and Fundraising Auction, held during Winter Quarter.

Committee Goals

  • Raise greater funds from the Vendor Fair and Fundraising Auction. We will accomplish this by reaching out to more vendors, earlier, as well as working with more professors to create higher value events for the auction.
  • Encourage first-year participation in the committee by giving new members lots of responsibility for their assigned projects and tasks.
  • Develop one new stream of fundraising for the committee. We are working on a new fundraising idea that will involve the continuing education department.


UCLA ASDA Annual Vendor Fair (Ackerman Grand Ballroom)

UCLA ASDA hosts one of the largest vendor fairs organized by an ASDA chapter with a diverse range of dental products and services. This event is a great opportunity for dental students to learn more about novel dental supplies and services that will be available after graduation and for vendors to showcase their merchandise to future dentists and faculty.

UCLA ASDA Fundraising Auction

This silent auction has been structured such that all auctioned items will be professor-hosted "events". These events can range from attending a UCLA basketball game, to learning to beekeep, to experiencing tai chi! Proceeds go towards local organizations, student scholarships, and the Student Apollonian Group.

Getting Involved

Organize the Vendor Fair

We currently need help recruiting vendors to attend the 20th Annual UCLA ASDA Vendor Fair, and we will need liaisons to assist the vendors at the fair. If you are interested, contact us!

Participate in DonorsPlay

Every person that downloads and tests a mobile app will earn funds for UCLA ASDA. Anyone can participate; they do not have to be UCLA ASDA members! All you have to do to help raise funds is:

  1. Text 650 319-7142 every week starting September 23, 2023
  2. Download the app
  3. Test the app for 5 minutes

Plan New Fundraisers

We are open to all new ideas for fundraisers and need help organizing new ways to raise money. If you have any ideas, please contact us!

Contact Information

Vendor Fair 2024

Date: January 7, 2024

Committee Chairs: