The Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for streamlining the flow of media and communication between other committee chairs. It is divided into 6 subcommittees: Historian, Podcasts, Social Media, Videography, Visual Media, and Website/Mobile Media. Our chairs work with the First Year Enrichment, Morale, and Newsletter Committees to develop beautiful content such as photos, videos, flyers, publications, etc. Our goal is to encourage all committee chairs and members to be more aware of and involved in ASDA events through event promotion. In addition, the Communications Committee is involved in a push to increase our social media usage on all social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Kimi Low - Historian

The Historian Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • Creating larger awareness of ASDA events through photography posted via social media.
  • Compiling photos for and publishing the scrapbook.
  • Continuing to be present & provide full coverage of ASDA events.

Contact: [email protected]

Luke Vickers - Podcasts

The Podcasts Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • Finding interesting topics for podcasts.
  • Releasing podcasts on a regular basis.
  • Making podcasts accessible to dental students across the nation!

Contact: [email protected]

Catherine Ding - Social Media

The Social Media Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • Get to 1000 followers on Instagram and 1000 likes on Facebook by the end of the year.
  • Increase awareness of ASDA and ASDA events through Snapchat.
  • Work with other Committee Chairs to make an ASDA member of the month post on social media.

Contact: [email protected]

Anthony Chen - Videography

The Videography Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • To become proficient in videography.
  • To organize ASDA’s video archive.
  • To create a viral video with over 10,000 views!
  • To double our YouTube subscribers!
  • To start a video mini-series with other committees.

Contact: [email protected]

Vina Le - Visual Media

The Visual Media Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • Providing quality work that positively reflects UCLA ASDA by making aesthetic flyers and visual media on time, for our committees.
  • Being an effective and reliable team member in the Communications Committee by working personally with all members to achieve our common goals.
  • Mentoring and leading committee members throughout the year.

Contact: [email protected]

Richard Che - Website/Mobile Media

The Website/Mobile Media Committee’s goals for this year include:

  • To beta test and launch the new ASDA mobile application with a host of useful features!
  • To speed up and update/maintain the website.
  • To write and release a Lab Guide, to be published in our mobile application.

Contact: [email protected]