The Ethics Committee

Committee Chairs:

  • Amina Chaudhry
  • Ritesh Salvi

Amina and Ritesh are the Ethics Committee Chairs for the 2023-2024 academic year. Their goal is to make ethical decision-making a part of everyday life at UCLA and in future dental careers. The committee aims to increase ethical awareness and the presence of the ethics committee and SPEA on campus through ethical dilemma presentations on the ASDA website and The Diastema. They also plan to organize an ethical discussion series with students and faculty, as well as lunch & learns.

Committee Goals

  • Increase ethical awareness through ethical dilemma presentations on the ASDA website, inviting student responses and faculty perspectives on the issues. Publish the discussions for broader awareness. Use social media and email to inform and invite students and faculty to comment on ethical dilemmas. Distribute business cards with the ADA Code of Ethics to remind students of the standards they are held to as dental professionals.
  • Host ethical discussion round table sessions (lunch and learn) with a panel of students and faculty to discuss chosen ethical cases. Encourage student-faculty interaction and increase student awareness of ethical dilemmas in dentistry.
  • Publish cases of ethical dilemmas and their responses in The Diastema, ASDA Bonding Agent (District 11 ASDA Newsletter), and ASDA News. Encourage committee members and non-committee members to write and publish issues related to ethics.

Ethical Dilemma Discussions

These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss ethical dilemmas with other students and faculty during lunch. Topics such as mid-level providers, access to care, end-of-life treatment, and over-treatment will be discussed. Space is limited for each session, so interested individuals are encouraged to email the committee. Look out for sign-ups in the Fall Quarter!

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