The Morale & Social Outreach Committee

Committee Chairs:

  • Ida Gorshteyn
  • Edwin Eshaghzadeh
  • Charlotte Etesse

The Morale & Social Outreach Committee is co-chaired by Charlotte Etesse, Ida Gorshteyn, and Edwin Eshaghzadeh. The primary goal of this committee is to improve the lives of dental students by planning fun activities throughout the quarter and making special gifts, such as goody bags, for students. This year, the committee hopes to have two activities each quarter, prepare goody bags for finals, leave notes and candy for first years in the lab, and give class schedule cards to each student.

Committee Goals

  • Plan low-cost/high-impact activities with committee members. Each activity will be at a convenient time, have good food, and have an activity everyone can participate in. We want to have 2 activities each quarter.
  • Provide goody bags to 1st and 2nd-year students every quarter and deliver match day goody bags to 4th-year dental students.
  • Define our role in publicity. We will continue to create schedule cards for 1st and 2nd-year students at the beginning of each quarter. ASDA Executive cabinet will determine our role in publicizing events. A google calendar with all ASDA/ASB events will be set up for easy access and browsing by every UCLA Dental student.

Contact Information

Committee Chairs: