Oral Health Committee

Committee Chairs:

  • Travis Steinberg
  • Thomas Poelman
  • David Jourabchi
  • Jackie Nelson
  • Aline Yaghsezian
  • Lauren Gleason

Oral Health: HIV/Oral Cancer

The committee aims to provide oral health education to communities, specifically focusing on HIV positive patients and oral manifestations of HIV. The committee also aims to raise awareness about oral cancer, its consequences, and prevention, particularly in lower-income communities. Events such as presentations, health fairs, and screenings will be organized to achieve these goals.

Oral Health: Geriatrics

The committee focuses on improving oral health and increasing awareness among the geriatric population. Events and activities will be organized to provide oral health instruction to the elderly and interact with them. The committee also aims to develop a module for healthcare workers in long-term care facilities to identify oral problems and take necessary steps.

Oral Health: Pediatrics

Details about the committee's activities and goals for oral health in pediatrics are not provided.

Oral Health: Special Needs

The committee plans to hold lunch and learn sessions, collaborate with faculty advisors, and participate in Tumor Board meetings to address issues related to special needs patients and access to dental care. The committee also aims to facilitate shadow days for students at the UCLA Child and Adult Neurodevelopment (CAN) Clinic.

Oral Health: Teens

The committee's focus is on providing oral health information to middle and high school students through take-home pamphlets and school visits. Recruiting members who are passionate about teaching oral health to teens is a priority.

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