The Pre-Dental Outreach Committee

Committee Chairs:

  • Carlynn Chappell
  • Taylor Nakashima

The Pre-Dental Outreach Committee, this year led by second-year dental students Carlynn Chappell and Taylor Nakashima, seeks to continue and expand upon UCLA’s outstanding tradition of serving undergraduate pre-dental students by providing them with extensive learning opportunities, invaluable resources, and dedicated mentorship. The committee will host a myriad of events and outreach functions for the coming year, such as Application Core Build-Up Day, the Big Sib/Lil Sib program, a Dental Waxing Lab Workshop, Q&A panels with dental students/residents, and presentations on diverse topics including the application process and the life of a dental student.

Furthermore, the committee will host personalized visit days for pre-dental students from universities across California, which will include a school and lab tour, a dental school application presentation, a sit-in on a faculty lecture, and a presentation from UCLA School of Dentistry’s Associate Dean, Dr. Carol Bibb. In collaboration with the UCLA Pre-Dental Student Outreach Program (PDSOP), the committee will match each interested UCLA pre-dental student with a dental school student to establish a yearlong mentor-mentee relationship.

Committee Goals

The Pre-Dental Outreach Committee aims to provide pre-dental students with endless opportunities by giving them a deeper understanding of dentistry, 24/7 assistance from UCLA dental students via our private Facebook group, application and interview guidance on Core Build-Up Day, and nurturing relationships between them and the dentists of tomorrow.

Pre-Dental Resources

  • Shadow Days - 11/20/2024
  • Wax and Relax Workshop - 10/28/2024
  • Tooth Scaling Workshop - 10/12/2024
  • Inyo County Sealant Trip - 09/17/2024

Contact Information