The Research Committee

Committee Chairs:

  • Grant Nishimura
  • Komal Koli

The Research Committee will work towards launching regular lunch & learns showcasing student researchers and starting a section in The Diastema dedicated to UCLA research. It will also train students to write literature reviews, make research posters, and give PowerPoint presentations, as well as provide first-year students with specific guidelines on how to get involved in research. In many of these projects, the ASDA Dental and Craniomaxillofacial Research Committee will collaborate with the UCLA chapter of the National Student Research Group (NSRG).

Committee Goals

  • Launch and manage research poster presentation events during ASDA regional and district meetings for dental students, with a focus on the October District 11 Meeting for the upcoming year. Provide training and support for students presenting their research topics.
  • Increase the number of opportunities where dental students can present their research to an academic audience, including quarterly lunch & learns and joint events with the NSRG.
  • Create a dedicated section in The Diastema for research, containing literature reviews by students or summaries of research findings at UCLA. Collaborate with The Diastema editors to provide the necessary content for this section.
  • Work with the ASDA First Year Enrichment Committee to provide instructional information to incoming students during the orientation week on how to get involved with research at UCLA.

Contact Information